VoiceThread for busineses

Stylized screenshot of the VoiceThread interface, featuring several avatars with human portraits and a gallery with several slides of interesting imagery. The center of the interface has text which reads Media filled virtual rooms, no scheduling.

Persistent virtual rooms for Collaboration, Meetings, Deals, Sales, Deck Discussions

Six square avatar photos of smiling people.

People trust people, not words

High-value transactions — enterprise sales, collaborating with clients, interviews, corporate training, and complex project collaborations – all demand high quality “rich signal” interpersonal interactions. VoiceThread’s persistent virtual rooms are a solution that requires no scheduling.

A fan shape is labeled with the words choose a comment type. The arched part of the fan holds icons depicting the letter T, a microphone, a video camera, and disk drive with an up arrow.

New, but easy to understand

A VoiceThread mirrors the simplicity of a chat channel, making the onboarding of clients, employees, or partners easy. Advanced features are implemented using the principles of progressive disclosure, making them discoverable with a low cognitive demand.

Large text which reads 3GB is separated by a bi-directional vertical arrow from small text which reads 3MB.

Media + discussion + transfer

A VoiceThread persistent virtual room keeps the original files that were uploaded and presents a much smaller file for people to discuss. The original files (up to 3GB each) can be made available for downloading.

Product attribute Free Account
$ 0 mos
$8 / mos
Enterprise Team
$15 / mos
Comment Recording Limit Comment Recording Limit explanation 3 min 1 hour 1 hour
Slides per VoiceThread Slides per VoiceThread explanation 10 500 500
Number of VoiceThreads Number of VoiceThreads explanation 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Share Securely Share securely explanation
File Transfers File Transfers explanation
Create Groups Create Groups explanation
Create ThreadBoxes Create ThreadBoxes explanation
Threaded Commenting Threaded Commenting explanation
Comment Moderation Comment Moderation explanation
Active User Pricing Active User Pricing explanation
Organization Manager Organization Manager explanation
Analytics Analytics explanation
Templates Templates explanation
Auto-captioning Auto-captioning explanation available available
Customized Training Customized Training explanation
Custom SSO Custom SSO explanation
Custom SLA Custom SLA explanation
Third-party integrations Third-party integrations explanation
Uptime Guarantee Uptime Guarantee explanation
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  • Comment Recording Limit

    VoiceThread audio and video comment can be up to 1 hour long for any user in a Team License.

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  • Slides per VoiceThread

    Users in a Team License can add up to 500 slides to a single VoiceThread. The per-file size limit is 3GB.

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  • Number of VoiceThreads

    Users in a Team License can create an unlimited number of VoiceThreads.

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  • Share Securely

    Users in a Team License can share their VoiceThreads securely, setting specific levels of permission for each user or group.

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  • File Transfers

    A VoiceThread persistent virtual room will store the original files that were uploaded so you can discuss a quick loading version of the file while sharing access to the much larger original file (up to 3GB per file).

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  • Create Groups

    Team License members can great user groups to organize their content and conversations around specific projects and people.

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  • Create ThreadBoxes

    ThreadBoxes are public channels that can be used to showcase VoiceThreads and engage a larger audience. A submission and content moderation system allows administrators to ask people to contribute their own work to the ThreadBox channel.

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  • Threaded Commenting

    A setting that allows a commenter to create a reply comment, making a new thread in the conversation.

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  • Comment Moderation

    Enabling the Comment Moderation feature allows an owner/editor to see all new comments and choose which of them to reveal to everyone else. This enables safe publication of content without worrying about inappropriate or spammy comments intruding into a broadly shared VoiceThread discussion.

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  • Active User Pricing

    Active User pricing means that at the end of the month we’ll only bill you for users active within that month. Your bill will 'right-size' itself each month without any intervention on your part.

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  • Organization Manager

    An administrative portal that allows you to manage your mengers and control all kinds of settings and defaults for your license.

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  • Analytics

    Get a bird’s-eye view of what your members are doing with an organizational analytics dashboard.

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  • Templates

    Members of a Team License can enable a setting that allows others to make copies of a VoiceThread, which allows for it to become a reusable template for others.

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  • Auto-captioning

    When enabled, this will immediately caption all audio visual content with machine created captions. An in-line editor is available to correct any mistakes.

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  • Customized Training

    We are big fans of hands-on customized training. One live session is available with any Team License, and additional training sessions can be scheduled for $499 each. These training sessions are high quality professional development workshops that are recorded so you can archive and re-use them.

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  • Custom SSO

    Google, Apple, Microsoft, and SAML SSO are supported. If your company uses an LTI-compliant platform, we can also integrate into that.

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  • Custom SLA

    If you have specific regulatory requirements, we can negotiate them to create a custom SLA for your organization.

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  • Third-party integrations

    Integrations with Zoom, Google Drive, Kaltura, and OneDrive are available to facilitate faster onboarding and easier collaboration.

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  • Uptime Guarantee

    VoiceThread guarantees 99.9% uptime for all Team licenses.

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